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Quebec City Culinaire: Canada ~ May 9 - 13, 2017

Price: $2075.00

Date: May 9, 2017

A Tasty Trip to French Canada: May 9 -13, 2017
Hosted by The Cooking Cottage with Onward Travel

Just a short flight from the Midatlantic region, Ville de Québec offers a tempting slice of European culture on the North American continent.

Quebec City was founded over 400 years ago by French explorers and today it’s one of the oldest settlements in North America, its lovely Old Town a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Perched upon cliffs overlooking the picturesque St. Lawrence River, the city’s name comes from the Algonquin, kebek, meaning “where the river narrows.” Today the city’s identity is at once modern and historic, cosmopolitan yet deeply influenced by the extremes of the seasons and the natural climate that surrounds it.

The cuisine of Quebec is greatly influenced by its European routes, as well as the Native American legacy of the region, and the long cold winters endured there. The historic fur trading industry certainly left its mark as heavier, meat and game based recipes typify many traditional dishes. Of course this is the land of pure maple syrup, where the majority of the world’s supply originates. And like their French ancestors, the Quebecois value high quality and carefully produced cheeses, baked goods, liqueurs and chocolates.

French Canadian food and culture are diverse and delicious, and waiting to be discovered by you!

This trip includes roundtrip airfare from Newark Liberty Airport to Quebec City, as well as a transfer from The Cooking Cottage in Sellersville, PA, to the airport and back.

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