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We are not teaching cooking classes at this time. Here is our upcoming trip schedule:

Basque for Bon Vivants ~ September 27 - October 5

Price: $3475.00

Date: September 26, 2015

Peggi Clauhs of The Cooking Cottage invites you to join her along with Onward Travel in Spain this autumn! The Basque Country is a fiercely independent region with hundreds of miles of coastline along the Bay of Biscay. The Euskaldunak people are characterized by their own language and culture, and a society built around the appreciation of food and wine.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian

 To spend a week exploring Basque Country from end to end – Spain to France, effervescent Txacoli to Rioja’s reds, tapas to tasting menus, farmhouse tables to farmers markets, queso Idiazábal to chocolat, sea views to cobbled streets – is to immerse yourself in one of the world’s most enchanting culinary destinations.

 Our home base for the week will be San Sebastián, a small city formed around a horseshoe-shaped beach where life revolves around food and dining. It’s an invigorating locale with gorgeous outdoors, world-class urban beaches, art, music and restaurants galore, plus nearby wine, cider, and artisan food producers. At night, San Sebastián is alive with Donostiarras (residents of San Sebastián) strolling from bar to bar enjoying pintxos (Basque-style tapas), and six days a week the local food market is bustling.

 We’ll explore the region by getting to know San Sebastián and venturing further afield to France’s Pays Basque, the Rioja wine country, culturally rich Bilbao, and picturesque seaside villages. The Basque Country is a feast for the senses and Onward Travel invites you to indulge.

Enjoying Pintxos.

Enjoying Pintxos.

Tour Highlights:

·    A highly-rated local expert guide will join us throughout the week to interpret the local area and provide special access and insight.

·    This is a true culinary-focused tour with lots of special dining experiences. In addition to eating, Donostiarras love to walk, too, so we’ll be sure to stretch our legs and get invigorated by the sea breezes and coast.

·    San Sebastián has the largest concentration of bars in all of Europe with over 500 in the Parte Vieja area! And more Michelin stars per square meter than any other city. Impressive, indeed. But not pretentious.

·    End of September travel dates mean it’s shoulder season in Spain. Crowds will be thinning but weather should still be lovely.

·    We have a comfortable home base in San Sebastián but plenty of regional exploration.

·    Basque Country is a holy land for seafood, which we’ll enjoy as frequently as possible. But the Euskaldunaks value balance, so T-bones and Iberian pork reign, too.

Full information and itinerary available here!

Paradise Gourmet: Anna Maria Island, FL ~ November 10-13

Free Event

Date: November 10, 2015

We had such a good time on our little pre-holiday getaway to the sunny islands of Florida's Gulf Coast that we've decided to go again this year!

Full itinerary and registration TBA

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