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Good Books & A Vegetarian Potluck

Did you read anything good this summer? I’m currently reading Shark’s Fin & Sichuan Pepper A sweet-Sour Memoir of eating in China by Fuchsia Dunlop, sent to me by my Daughter Kate in preparation for our trip to visit her next week – we’ll be visiting Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan. Most of what I read somehow involves food, though I just finished a great book called Waking by Matthew Sanford for the book club at my yoga studio, Shine in Perkasie.  It was a wonderful read, followed by a lively discussion and…here’s where the food comes in – a vegetarian potluck. Actually, most of the food was vegan and all so delicious!

Potluck at Shine Yoga Studio ~ yum!

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